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Traffic Engineering Advice

MFY has a history of providing sound technical traffic engineering advice with a flair for considering unique and innovative options for projects. The team at MFY prides itself on developing solutions that target individual client needs, achieve realistic compliant functional solutions and are in accordance with Australia’s best practice.

MFY specialises in traffic and transport consultancy in Australia. The firm has the expertise and experience to provide sound advice in relation to all facets of traffic engineering and can provide advice at all phases of projects. Safe and efficient traffic management and all aspects of parking studies continue to play a major role in the firm’s many commissions.

MFY has progressively widened its traffic and parking expertise to include a wide variety of projects, including:


Skills & Expertise

MFY is well renowned for its ability to provide independent specialist traffic advice in a timely manner. The firm has eight professional engineers who provide a cohesive support network for delivery of numerous projects.

With well over 400 projects completed each year, throughout Australia, the firm has displayed its professionalism and ability to provide independent, best practice advice within project timeframes. A team approach ensures that each assignment receives the most innovative and best professional attention.

The eight professional engineers at MFY offer a wide range of experience which is invaluable to projects requiring traffic management expertise. The firm’s professional staff is supported by technical personnel with expertise in AutoCAD drafting, intersection/vehicle path (AutoTurn) modelling and traffic network (Aimsun) modelling. 

MFY delivers the full traffic engineering solution.


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